“RACE MEMORY DATA,” a conversation with White Riot contributor Andy Yan, Jack (John Kuo) Tchen and Henry, facilitated by Melissa Karmen Lee. Simon Fraser University Vancity Office of Community Engagement, SFU Woodwards, September 20, 2023.


On September 7, 2023, the 116th anniversary of the 1907 Anti-Asian Riots in Vancouver, Henry presented reflections on RIOT FOOD HERE at Massy Arts in Vancouver’s Chinatown, accompanied by Chef Kris Barnholden who recreated the original menu.

White Riot: A Public Conversation about Powell Street and the Downtown Eastside

Panel with White Riot book contributors Nicole Yakashiro & Right to Remain collective members Jeff Masuda, Audrey Kobayashi, Trevor Wideman, facilitated by Henry, at Powell Street Festival, August 5, 2023.

“The Social” on CTV

Interview on “The Social,” CTV national, Toronto, May 18, 2023.

The 1907 Anti-Asian Riots in Vancouver

Conversation with White Riot book contributors karine ng and Melody Ma, facilitated by Henry, Vancouver Public Library, May 8, 2023.

360 Riot Walk

Presentation at the International Symposium for Electronic Art / ISEA2020, Montréal 

Tansy Point

Artist Talk on Tansy Point at the Portland Art Museum, February 10, 2019.

Bob’s Salon / Vancouver, Crawling, Weeping, Betting 

February 21, 2014, Unit/Pitt Gallery, Vancouver

Presented by battery opera performance and Unit Pitt Projects, David McIntosh and Chris Bose. I read a new piece of writing about memory and taste, and unveiled a bottle of 1980 Black Tower, which David McIntosh who is also a sommelier, opened, tasted and immediately spat out into a corner of the gallery. The formerly sweet, formerly popular German white wine was highly oxidized and almost drinkable (well, not really). We then passed the bottle around the audience; there were few takers. Dancers Daina Ashbee, Diego Romero and Hailey McCloskey, and musicians Max Murphy, Ben Brown, Russel Scholburg then improvised based on the story. Photos by Yvonne Chew and Kirk Tougas.

Public Salon

Talk at Public Salon, Vancouver Playhouse, November 13, 2013.

Public Salons, organized by Sam Sullivan and Lynn Zanatta, continue the tradition originated by the late and beloved Abraham Rogatnick whereby speakers are invited to share something they are passionate about. Eight speakers presented to a sold-out crowd at the Vancouver Playhouse, including an architect, musician, writer, CEO, and activist. Presented by the Global Civic Public Society.

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