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RIOT FOOD HERE recalls the 1907 anti-Asian riots through the form of food offerings in 4 locations over 4 days in May and June 2018.

Pulling the Maraya: Sisyphean Cart

From 2014 to 2015, the Maraya: Sisyphean Cart conducted a site-specific participatory spatial investigation of the seawalls of Vancouver’s False Creek and...

The Unwelcome Dinner

On February 24, 2017, The Unwelcome Dinner commemorated the 130th anniversary of Vancouver’s first anti-Chinese riot in Vancouver with guest speakers accompanied by a thematic food and drink menu.

Eat Rice Yet?

Curated by Diyan Achjadi and Henry Tsang, Eat Rice Yet? focused on the theme of eating together as an act of community-building, as gifting and sharing, and as a way to build mutual understanding.

Napa North

Napa North, 2008, looks at the mobility of capital, design and taste by examining the meteoric growth of the wine and real estate industries in the interior of British Columbia.