Love Stories


C-prints transmounted on plexiglas, ½” plate glass sheets with sandblasted text; 3 panels, each 2′ x 9′, walls painted pink.

This set of three photographic panels with sandblasted glass texts speak about the influence of race and racism in the construction of beauty and the mediation of desire. They invoke how yearning for, and the rejection of ethnocentricisms or exoticizations are complex and perhaps problematic, especially with those who have internalized and/or externalized their racisms. Photographic images taken in Vancouver, New York and Shanghai.










I commented on how difficult it

seemed for some men of

Chinese ancestry to

consider Chinese

women as


or if


then as desirable.

Martin, whose wife is

of German descent, admitted

that he still had that problem.

Cornelio was surprised. In Hawaii

where he grew up, Asians were

always thought of as

more beautiful.

He said

this with a

certain sadness,

for although he was a

good-looking guy, it was never

Asians who found him attractive.

The very

thought disgusted her.

Why would she ever want to

do anything like that, she demanded.

Kissing one would be like kissing her

brother. And going out with

a Chinese guy would

feel, simply put,


I caught her

staring at me. She

looked so chinese to me, too.

I was surprised by the touch of her

skin — it was true, it was so smooth. So

was mine, she said. And after awhile

I began to look at Asian women,

something that I never before

could bring myself

to do.

I asked her about her preferences.

She said that although she didn’t

exactly prefer white men over

anybody else, they seemed

to gravitate towards her.

Besides, she couldn’t

find any other men

who could turn

her on in the

same way.

He was relatively open-minded, he

said, for someone who grew up in

Winnipeg 50 years ago. For

instance, he didn’t mind

his daughter going out

with anyone non-

Chinese, as

long as he