Eat Rice Yet?

Curated by Diyan Achjadi and Henry Tsang, Eat Rice Yet? focused on the theme of eating together as an act of community-building, as gifting and sharing, and as a way to build mutual understanding. The title refers to the ubiquitous, pedestrian manner by which people greet each other in Chinese culture; one asks how you are by inquiring whether you have been fed, because if you have not, then we need to be concerned. That rice represents food is emblematic of its role in Chinese cuisine, culture and identity, as it is with over half of the world’s population that considers this ancient grain their staple, their visceral base, their place of comfort and satisfaction.

Eat Rice Yet? was presented on December 16, 2016 as part of thirstDays, a monthly series at VIVO Media Arts Centre in Vancouver initiated and coordinated by Jayce Salloum, and was a response to Jayce’s invitation and challenge to address “love, intimacy and (com)passion in a geopolitical context. The programme included a poetry reading by Fred Wah, videos by Michael Rakowitz and Ng Chee Wang, a talk by Meeru Dhalwala, and a performance by Vanessa Richards + Anna Baignoche. And of course, food and drinks were served throughout the evening.

Eat Rice Yet? | thirstDays no.11 from VIVO Media Arts Centre on Vimeo.

Eat Rice Yet? brochure

Tarah Hogue’s response

photos by Alisha Weng