WHITE RIOT artist’s book

The artist’s book contains: • 13 equirectangular panoramic photographs from 360 Riot Walk, 28 x 14 inches each • White Riot: The 1907 Anti-Asian Riots in Vancouver, signed by artist Henry Tsang (Arsenal Pulp Press: 192 pages, 112 images, softcover, 2023)

Tansy Point

Tansy Point is the site on the south shore near the mouth of the Columbia River where the Anson Dart Treaties were signed between the Chinook peoples and the US government in 1851.


The photographs in this series employ a darkroom technique known as the Sabattier effect, or pseudo-solarization.


RIOT FOOD HERE recalls the 1907 anti-Asian riots through the form of food offerings in 4 locations over 4 days in May and June 2018.
Public Art

Welcome to the Land of Light

Welcome to the Land of Light employs English and Chinook Jargon (Chinuk Wawa), an intercultural pidgin used extensively along the West Coast during the 19th Century...

Orange County

Orange County was shot in gated communities in Orange County, California, and Orange County, Beijing, where architects and interior designers from Orange County, CA, were hired by a Chinese developer...

The Unwelcome Dinner

On February 24, 2017, The Unwelcome Dinner commemorated the 130th anniversary of Vancouver’s first anti-Chinese riot in Vancouver with guest speakers accompanied by a thematic food and drink menu.

Eat Rice Yet?

Curated by Diyan Achjadi and Henry Tsang, Eat Rice Yet? focused on the theme of eating together as an act of community-building, as gifting and sharing, and as a way to build mutual understanding.
New MediaPhotographyPublic ArtVideo


Maraya, 2008-2015, is a large-scale art and new media project in collaboration with Glen Lowry and M. Simon Levin that links two urban waterfronts that share a similar design and plan.

Napa North

Napa North, 2008, looks at the mobility of capital, design and taste by examining the meteoric growth of the wine and real estate industries in the interior of British Columbia.

Nature Morte

Homage to Piero Manzoni's "Fiato d'artista," with the twist of mixing the artist's breath with the air of the dead. "Nature Morte" means "still life," or literally, "nature dead."

Orange County Dinner

In conjunction with the Orange County video installation at Centre A Gallery in Vancouver, I hosted an intimate curated dinner in the gallery on March 8, 2014.
New MediaVideo


Olympus is an interactive new media work that selects video clips based on information gathered over the Internet.

Tiananmen to Oka

Photographic projections and prints of two sites of contested space: Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, and the Oka Golf Course in Quebec, Canada.

BOOM! (Leipzig Kommt!)

This site-specific installation looks at the political, economic and social shifts the city is undergoing. Promoting itself in the mid-90s as a boomtown...
InstallationPublic Art

Kamloops Wawa

Site-specific installation in Kamloops Art Gallery and City Archives, Kamloops, BC, Canada. Banners, vinyl lettering, and electronic message boards were...

Love Stories

Set of three photographic panels with sandblasted glass texts speak about the influence of race and racism in the construction of beauty and the mediation of desire.


A pair of framed business suits, flattened and pressed behind glass, is installed above a set of rosewood sideboard furniture.

Victory Square

VICTORY SQUARE, 1987, is a spatial analysis of the small urban park in downtown Vancouver adjacent to the OR Gallery where this installation was exhibited in 1987.

Racy Sexy

RACY SEXY: Race, Culture & Sexuality, 1993, was an ambitious and expansive project that explored the intersecting issues of race, culture, and sexuality.